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Shandong Yiguang Semiconductor Electronic Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise  committed to the R&D,production and sales of discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. It is a standardization management and technology innovation enterprise in Linyi City.  It has more than 300 employees, includes 48 engineers, 15 senior engineers and one expert who enjoys State Council allowance. The plant has a building area of 20 thousand square meters. The company is located in the high-tech electronic industrial park of Tancheng County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, which has sound geographical position advantage and enjoys sound traffic access.  Beijing-Shanghai high speed, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway second line traverses, flights have access to the whole country. Yi Guang Integration is striving to move forward and expand constantly.

International standards   Keep the whole world in view Keep the whole world in view and enjoy a world-wide reputation. The company is mainly engaged in discrete components, solid-state lighting and other application electronics products, and it possess two major brands of SDE and Yiguang, more than 1,000 products. Its production capacity increased gradually year by year. 

At present, the company mainly produces SOT23 package diode and transistor, SMA / B / C chip diode, bridge rectifier series; At the same time, the company also manufactures LED:TOP LED, CHIP LED, through hole led and bulb lights, High bay lights, street light, spotlights and other indoor and outdoor lighting products.

The company has successively passed more than 20 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements appraisal, moreover, it owns 26 patents.The company has provincial level "one enterprise with one technology" research & development center, and it has built Linyi Semiconductor Device Engineering Research Center and municipal enterprise technology center.  Through holding Shandong Guixin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., the company has involved in the research & development and production of wafer, so that Yiguang Integrated gradually extends to the upstream chip field along the semiconductor industry chain, so as to better expand to the IC design and assembly as well as to achieve the target of becoming the leading semiconductor company in China as soon as possible. 

In the future, the company will continue to uphold the values of integrity, friendship, studious and innovation to create a world-class semiconductor brand. We will take the realization of the common development of the company and the individual as a vision, moreover, we are willing to get more recognition with a humble heart, professional and efficient working.  

Let science and technology better serve life. Yi Guang integration is your trusted partner, but also your trusted friend.

We are willing to work hand in hand with people of insight from all walks of life to create brilliant!


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